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  • 長良川鉄道
  • 長良川鉄道
  • 長良川鉄道
  • 長良川鉄道
  • 長良川鉄道
  • 長良川鉄道
  • 長良川鉄道
  • 長良川鉄道
  • 長良川鉄道
  • 長良川鉄道
  • 長良川鉄道
  • 長良川鉄道

The Nagaragawa Railway is a local train running from Minokamo City to Gujo City in Gifu Prefecture in almost the center of Japan. This route follows the upper stream of the Nagara River, one of the three clearest rivers in Japan.

This clear, gracefully flowing river enriches people’s life experience and develops a unique, water-related culture in the river basin. In particular, the iconic fish of Nagara River, sweetfish, is certified as the World Agricultural Heritage and wild-caught fish in the river tastes excellent.
Enjoy different unique experiences of Japan on the train, where time moves slowly like the flow of the river. It shows various faces in every season, cherry blossoms in spring, lush trees in summer, red leaves in autumn, and a blanket of snow in winter.

Sightseeing train, Nagara

Apart from the conventional railway line, Nagaragawa Railway operates the dedicated sightseeing train, Nagara, which allows you to enjoy the train journey itself. The train car is designed by the famous Japanese designer Eiji Mitooka. You can enjoy your train journey with a meal offered in a graceful car like a restaurant. You can also get to know the culture along the railway line on a train that uses a plenty of local timber and fabrics dyed from traditional techniques in Gujo-Hachiman City.
The train stops at the best spots to view the scenery on the way to your best photo opportunities.
Travel with us for a journey to view Japanese landscapes that you have never seen before.

Operation days: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Japanese public holidays

Nagaragawa Railway area attractions

Gifu Prefecture, where the Nagaragawa Railway runs, has various sightseeing spots, including rich nature, a castle where Samurai warriors used to reside, one of the three largest cutlery production regions, the old townscape and roads, the World Heritage registered Shirakawa-go, and hot springs. Find your own unique Japan on the journey.


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Timetable (all days)


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Fare Table

A special price for the Nagaragawa Railway One Day Pass is also available. It is recommended for those who wish to enjoy the journey and stop over on the way.

One Day Ticket Adult: 2,700 yen Child: 1,350 yen


How to ride Nagaragawa Railway trains

There are some rules for getting on and off Nagaragawa Railway trains.
Please follow the rules listed below.

  1. Getting on: Get on the train from the back door of the first car.
  2. Getting off: Get off the train from the front door of the first car.

 Doorsh ☆ on the second car do not open.

How to pay fares

Some stations on the Nagaragawa Railway do not have ticket vending machines in place.
If that is the case, please pay the fare when exiting the train.

  1. When the name of the station where you wish to get off appears on the electric signboard, check the price below the number of your numbered ticket on the signboard.
  2. This is the fare you are required to pay.
  3. Have the correct fare ready so that no change is needed. There is a change machine installed in the fare box near the exit.
  4. Put both the numbered ticket and the fare in the fare box near the exit when getting off.


Access from Chubu Centrair International Airport

Take the Nagoya Railway train at the Central Japan International Airport Station from the Chubu Centrair International Airport to Minoota Station. You must change to the JR Takayama Line there.

Access from Takayama

When you visit us after sightseeing at the old townscape in Takayama City, take a highway express bus (bound for Nagoya) from Takayama-Nohi Bus Center and get off at Gujo-Hachiman Inter bus stop.

 Reservations are needed for highway express buses.

It takes 7 to 8 minutes from Gujo-Hachiman Inter bus stop to Gujo-Hachiman Station by taxi.

Highway Express Bus Reservation via Telephone

JR Tokai Bus Nagoya Station
TEL:0570 048 939(10:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.)

Meitetsu Highway Express Bus Center
TEL:052 582 0489(8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)

Nohi Bus Reservation Center
TEL:0577 32 1688(9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)


Gujo Taxi
TEL:0120 05-3155

Shiratori-kotsu Taxi
TEL:+81(0)575 82 5081

Access from Shirakawa-go, the World Heritage

When you visit us after sightseeing at the World Heritage Shirakawa-go, take the highway express bus on the Nagoya-Shirakawago Line from the Shirakawago bus stop and get off at Gujo-Hachiman Inter bus stop.

Reservations are needed for highway express buses.

It takes 7 to 8 minutes from Gujo-Hachiman Inter bus stop by taxi.

Reservations for highway express buses

Reservations for Meitetsu Highway Express Bus Shirakawa Line


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